Plastic Extrusion - Cooper Standard Industrial & Specialty Group, LLC

  • Custom Thermoplastic Extruder Located in Spring Lake, MI
  • Capable of Precision Engineered Profile Design as well as Dual and Triple Material Extrusions
  • Value-Added Services Include Color Matching, Notching, Lamination, Splicing
  • Typical Materials include TPE, TPV, PVC, TPO, TPU, and Other Highly Engineered Materials

Plastic Injection Molding - Hoosier Molded Products

  • Hoosier Molded Products Combines over 30 Years of Experience in Custom Molding

  • Hoosier Molded Products is an Experienced Leader in Molding Parts of all Types and Designs

  • Capable of Custom Molding Large and Small Parts Using Engineering Grade Plastics, Including Metal Inserts, Overmolded Parts, Two-Shot, or Value Added Assembly

  • Minority Certified - Located in South Bend, IN